NGO Peru

The Maestro Roger Lopez has been working for more than twenty years with traditional shipibo medicine in his center Suipino.  In the year 2009 he founded a second healing center and a reserve called Ani Nii Shobo (  Suipino and Ani Nii Shobo have received hundreds of visitors from all over the world, who have seen their lives transformed by this powerful and loving medicine.

In the year 2013, NGO Nii Juinti which means Heart of the Amazon was founded, with the aim of educating shipibo children in the traditional oral teaching of their culture and medicine.

A group of people form different corners of the world have gathered united by their search for healing and love through shipibo plant medicine.  The Maestro Lopez has opened the doors of this ancient wisdom and has touched their hearts.  We have understood, that his dream, that of protecting this knowledge and planting it in the hearts of the children, is our dream also.

Thanks to this growing community of people and their hope and work, Nii Juinti was founded on march of 2016.

Likewise, later in the year 2016, the ONG Nii Juinti Italia was founded.

Day by day we work in order to preserve and share this knowledge. Through donations and different forms of support, we are able to carry out 5his mission.  But, there is much to do, and your support is needed in order to continue to give hope to the children of the Amazon.

Organizational chart

Director and Founder:
Roger Lopez Ramos (Suipino), Maestro de medicina shipibo , Profesor docent

Juan Santiago Correa, Andrés Selamé

Director of Fundrising:
Catia Tuzzolino

President  “Nii Juinti” Italia Onlus           
Pietro Scheri

President “Nete Nii” Ngo Canadá
Marcelo Peña

Shaman Teacher
Ida Ramos Huayta

Cook: Manuela Lopez
Assistant cook: Lastenia  Vasquez Yuy
Securuty day staff: Luis Lopez Pizango
Security night staff: Lino Franchine Bardales
Maintenance man: Wilder Murayari Ochavano
Tutor mathematic and literature:Yuri Oliver Yuy Vasquez